Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Data Security

ScreenMeter has developed this Privacy Statement to describe our practices of collecting and managing your information. We only collect and use your information through means allowed by law.

Types of information collected when using the ScreenMeter service

This Privacy Statement applies to all information collected or submitted on or through the website or the desktop application.

Screenshots recorded can be viewed by you and by any person who manages you in your company. You can delete screenshots from the system (and this will correspondingly delete the corresponding amount of time worked). All other information such as websites visited and applications used can be viewed by any person in your company who manages you and also by yourself. Screenshot, website and application data is only tracked when you record that you are working on your computer and is not recorded when you are on a break. Website and application monitoring is active for all users of the system when they are tracking time. Screenshot monitoring can be individually activated or deactivated by your company admin for team members on your team.

The ScreenMeter desktop app does record the number of keystrokes or mouse movements you make. It does not however record where you click on the screen, and it does not record what you type. It is not a keystroke-logging application.

Auxilliary information recorded automatically includes: IP address where you logged in, browser type and browser software version.

Using Your Information

We do not oblige you to provide us your personal information and you agree that you are providing it to voluntarily. We may use your personal information to provide you with the services relating to the ScreenMeter platform. We will never rent or sell any personally identifiable information to a third party unless required to provide a service requested and agreed to by you. We reserve the right to disclose personal information as required by law.

In addition, we track the usage of our website to learn which information is visited or read the most, and which pages are least visited. This helps measure the effectiveness of its web site and software.

ScreenMeter uses Amazon S3 storage for data.

Information is transmitted over 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with encryption. SSL is a security standard used around the world by bank and credit card websites, e-commerce sites, in fact, any site or company who demands the most secure forms of protected communication to keep people's personal and financial information safe.

ScreenMeter is committed to the safety, privacy and integrity of your personal or company data.


Cookies are small text files sent through your browser and saved in your hard drive. uses cookies to uniquely identify you and save the preferences you set from your previous visit into the site. You may choose to disable cookies by selecting this option on your browser. Disabling cookies may, however, disable some services activated using such technology.

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