1 month = 30 days

Pay-as-you-go. Invite as many employees as you want.

ScreenMeter has a simple pay-as-you-go pricing policy. You are charged only on the basis of actual usage and not on the basis of number of employees linked with your company. If an employee does not use screenmeter for more than 30 days, his/her account is not charged for. Account automatically reactivates once the user is back.

Freedom Forever.

Using ScreenMeter is risk-free not just during the trial period, its risk-free forever. You can ask for a refund of your unused account credits anytime.

Ultra-secure payments

ScreenMeter will never ask you for payment information. After your trial credits are consumed, you can purchase credits through PayPal. These credits are consumed as and when your employees use the software and are not time-bound.

For more questions about pricing and billing policy or to inquire about bulk discounts, please contact us.